What Choices do we face?

I've tried advisors, their newsletters, the TV financial channels and the print media as well as a few of the online advisors. I find that my knowledge of charts used in a fairly short timeframe provide far more reliable clues to what is happening in the stock market.

From the many choices of what and how to trade I will show you how to trade stocks and options( in a follow-up course Options 101 ). The options course assumes most of the knowledge acquired in this course.

I'm not a professional psychologist or psychiatrist but I can tell you a bit about how your emotions ( fear, greed, hope, and more ) will interfere with any trader's thinking. We'll show you how to provide an exit plan before you buy that stock or option and how that single step will greatly improve your trading results.

I avoid trading stocks that I root for as the emotional tie tends to clutter my judgement on when to buy and sell. Unless you are a big player in the market your plays have little or no effect on a stock's price, so betting down shouldn't bother you. If you think the stock is going down why not profit from that?