A fast reader can zip through this material in a day or two. I suggest that you do only one chapter a day and then review it and look at some charts to clearify the ideas before proceeding.

This isn't the unabridged super detailed course to playing the markets. Those are longer and cost thousands. This is the course that you take first, before investing that money and finding that you really don't want to be a trader. Our cost is low enough that you will be thanking us whether you become a trader or decide not to become a trader.

My deepest thanks to the producers of the Money Show and the Trader's Expo shows. They provide both free and for a fee trading education in their shows. I try to attend all that are in my area which is Las Vegas. I prefer the Trader's Expo shows as they are closer to my interests but both shows are worth the time. Admission is free when you sign up on the internet. Attend one in your area and learn.