JDMM's Live Classes

Technical Analysis 101

8 hours usually from 8:00am to 5:00pm
Description.   101 is an example-based course starting at the beginning and adding a piece at a time until you have a trading system. Graduates should be able to use our system to first paper trade and with experience swing trade stocks online. This is NOT geared to "Day trading" where all positions are opened and closed the same day. Our system is useful for Swing, position and even some buy and hold investor/traders.

Technical analysis doesn't contradict fundamental analysis, but assumes that all the knowledge used by active traders is in the price and volume values over time. We'll show you how to find the trail of the "big guys" in the market and profit from your "little guy" status.

All technical topics are well illustrated with current/recent charts. We'll show you the realities not just charts that make our system look great. Our system is based on statistical analysis of many charts and is designed to give you an edge in the market. Along with wise risk management you'll learn to let your winners run while cutting short your losses to small amounts.

Length.  8 hours
Cost.  $250 min for a group (see "fees")

Practice Sessions 111

Basic Options 201

Advanced Options 211

Using TC2000/TCNet

Online Trading 311