About JDMM Trades

Who are we? JDMM Trades is a Phoenix, AZ area provider of training classes/seminars for traders in the stock market using technical analysis.

Experience. The courses were first developed in 2004 by an options trader who uses TC2000 and a well tested system to select stocks to trade, pick when to buy and when to sell and manage risk. Several years of planning and research have gone into these classes. Beyond the author's trading experiences, we've included knowledge gained from attendance at Trading/Investing conferences, from reading and trying the systems presented in numerous books by well-known authors and from numerous web sites and trading publications.

Teaching experience. Our instructor has developed and taught many technical courses at the university level. He now concentrates on his own swing trading daily along with developing and presenting these classes. Our developer has also developed and taught numerous classes for a major computer company.

If you'll compare our fees with other quality schools you'll find that we are from one-fourth to one-twelveth the cost. We aren't trying to sell you any side products nor do we benefit financially from your trading. Our viewpoint is that of an active trader in the stock market mostly using options in a "Swing trading" time frame. That is our trades are usually for one day up to 8 weeks. Most commonly we're in and out in less than four weeks.

We don't pick stocks for you, but rather teach you how and why to pick your own.

We don't yet have our newsletter ready for publication, but when it is ready graduates will receive one free year of the newsletter. I expect to include more charts with examples of patterns and examples of our system used in current trades.


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