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Posted 4 May 2012 by John D M Myer at 12 noon mst.

My first ebook was published and distributed at zero cost to me. That excludes the travel and the writing time. You may well have noticed that zero cost meant no paid professional editing.

All the advice people that I read stress how important it is to have a well-edited book. Even my family readers made that point. What to do?

I searched the shelves at local bookstores where I spent many hours sitting and reading how to edit books. They were heavily focused on fiction but did get me into the mode of relearning some of the finer points of writing. Internet searches were less rewarding for awhile. Very recently I found a set of great tutorials. Aimed at bloggers which for me is also non-fiction writing I am in a stepped up learning mode. Remember it has been nearly 58 years since I aced those New York state regents exams and about 45 years since I did so well in the GMAT exam. Feel free to add good editing advice and links to my list. Your reward will be much more entertaining travel and other non-fiction ebooks authored by me.

Web cams at show the daily progress on the new amusement pier under construction. Dress mode of the outside diners at The Spot viewed at the same web site are a great clue as to the current weather in Galveston. Of course, there is a weather link at that site also.


13 March 2012 by John D M Myer at 12 noon mst Let's clear up a few issues readers have noted in my book "Grandpa Goes To Galveston."

First about just where Galveston is and what it is. That is the easiest one for me. Galveston is several things all in Texas, USA. The largest entity is Galveston County which includes Galveston Island and Galveston City. The county is also part of the mainland of Texas on Galveston Bay and goes a ways inland. Galveston Island is just that, an island named Galveston lying in the Gulf of Mexico just off the Texas coast about 40 miles south-east of Houston, Texas. I've seen various estimates as to its length. My preferred term is to describe the island as about 23 miles long runing less than a mile offshore and parallel to the Texas mainland coast. It is connected by road by bridges at the west end and on the northeast end of the island. Most traffic comes in by I-45 on the northeast end where I-45 then ends.

The City of Galveston occupies much of Galveston Island, with the downtown section on the east end of the island. Current city population is in flux after hurricane Ike in September 2008. From near 60,000 people Galveston dropped to closer to 47,000 a year or two after the floods of Ike caused a lot of damage to low lying residential areas. Galveston is pretty flat except where man has raised the level with a seawall and fill.

For many years with peaks and valleys, Galveston has been a tourist town. When you include the traffic of several cruise lines that depart from Galveston, with 3 ships a week being a common event, tourist dollars are a big thing. The port area has many restaurants, art galleries, various stores and museums within walking distance of the cruise ships. I enjoy that part of town and drive through it at least once every visit along with a meal or two with a direct view of the water.

If you just drive in, park and jump on the cruise ship you will at most catch a glimpse of Galveston. If you take some time to explore the area within walking distance of the ship you will find a specific historic setting with much to offer. If you have a car and drive to the other side of the island about a mile away you come to the beaches and another restaurant and hotel row. We spend most of our time at the beach and at the restaurants on Seawall Boulevard, but not all our time.

September brings a mixed blessing for tourists. The kids, including college age kids, are back in school and not on the beaches until late in the day. Both the major hurricanes, 1900 and 2008, hit in September. We've cut it close a few times by visiting the last week in August before the public schools opened for fall classes. Our families in Texas have school age kids making a later visit not practical. Restaurants do add staff, mostly the out for the summer college variety, in the summer peak months for tourists.

Galveston is the Houston area's main beach. Each trip we meet many Houston area residents spending from a few hours up to a week in Galveston. Those with higher incomes often rent one of those houses on stilts between the city and the west end of the island. should lead you to agencies and realtors to help if that is your interest. My own personal list of things to do when I win the big lottery dollars includes buying that million dollar multi-storey home directly on the water. Give grandma a close view of the ocean waves hitting the shore, shade, a comfortable chair and a good book, preferably a cozy mystery, and she will spend hours a day just sitting and reading with an occasional walk into the waves for fun.

Despite all the stress by locals on the historic nature of Galveston, modern hotels, stores and restaurants in all price ranges do well there. Even Moody Gardens with its space age exhibits has a paddle-wheeler that tours the bay by the Gardens.

Oh yes, I do have a short list of Mexican Restaurants to visit on my next trips to Galveston. Owners swear they serve authentic Mexican food. I hope so.


Posted 24 February 2012. 4pm mst. Over a year ago my wife was looking into writing either a mystery or a collection of anecdotes taken from her many years as a real estate broker. She asked me to investigate how we might get that written and published. Inbetween then and today we shifted gears. We are about to epublish my ebook Grandpa Goes To Galveston.

In doing my research I stumbled upon the ebook explosion. Wow. No vanity publishing in the old mode. I started relearning the craft of writing and editing. Mystery novels were my own passion which led to a pass at writing a mystery by me. Back to the drawing table or internet or my local bookstore I went to soak up all the words of published writers on writing. Holly Lisle came first on the web followed by Randy Ingermannson. Today I still read their advice often. As my wife's interest in writing fell victim to a busy work schedule I started to believe I really wanted to do it myself.

My mystery now has a few chapters, lots of characters, scenes and a dandy plot laid out nicely waiting for my return. Realizing that fiction readers expect a more polished writer I decided to cut my going public teeth on my lifetime interest and experience in the travel field. Galveston was the logical target as we now have been there each of the last 7 years, including just before Ike hit the island in September 2008.

At first I planned to leave out the photos and just publish a text narrative of our view of Galveston including getting there by plane and car. My beta readers didn't get the full flavor I had expected so I went to my picture archieves for Galveston photos. Smashwords does have a maximum book size of 5MB. I had to limit my photos. So many professional photos are shown on Galveston web sites that I decided to try to present the mood or character of the destination resort city rather than duplicate those glossy professional pictures. You can find them yourself.

After using timeshare resorts since 1982, we still wonder why so many travel and guide books seem to ignore them in their publications. To us, they are a very comfortable way to spend a week at the beach. We use them through trades and destination ownership in Galveston, Cancun and Hawaii. Having a condo instead of a hotel room does add to our vacation.

I was about finished with the book a month ago when I decided to produce this supporting web site in addition to this blog. As a career computer-field veteran I do my own web sites from scratch. We will soon be publishing an ebook on the web site creation and maintenance issues and tools. If you are a writer, websites are composed with a markup language that you should know how to use.

My blogs will come at irregular intervals as I am hard at work on two projects. Marketing Grandpa Goes To Galveston is the priority which includes this blog and the site. The other is an ebook on Cancun, Mexico which should be out as one of my next 2 books. The other ebook waiting for my attention is the story of my 17 years since discovering that I am a type II diabetic. How I went from 240 to 180 pounds and held that for over a dozen years now is a model I hope others can duplicate.

Now for the bold commercial. Buy my ebook "Grandpa Goes To Galveston" and support this site.