Grandpa Goes To Galveston Links

by John D M Myer

Author of Grandpa Goes To Galveston

Galveston related web sites

These links will take you off our site

The Galveston Webcams link takes you to the webcams page on the very useful website. This one is a commercial site but will lead to answers to many of your questions about Galveston from real estate to news. I personally watch the cruise ships going in and out several times a week.

When hurricane Ike hit in September 2008 many thought Galveston would be out of business for a long time. Wrong. The saving grace of the seawall built over 100 years ago kept damage on Seawall Boulevard down to something that could be cleaned up. We didn't get back until summer 2009 but found most of our favorite haunts up and running. Even those places less protected and subject to about 4 feet of flood waters were mostly open and thriving again. Back when the seawall was built much of the lower parts of the city were also raised by 4 feet or more including some churchs and the major now restored mansions.

The Real Galveston is another very broad based site that is more on the Galveston affectionado side than commercial side. They have extensive articles on area history and architecture.

Cruises lists coming departures from Galveston. I use this site to check ahead on cruise ship schedules so I can watch them on the web cams. At this site you can find a locator map that shows the current position of cruise line ships and links to their onboard web cams.

TheArea map link is a site which starts with a fairly close view of the Strand and harbor areas of Galveston. Numerous photograph icons on the map lead to well done photos of the area. As at most map sites nowdays you can use the controls on the left to zoom in or out. I love this site for the photos of almost anywhere in the world. Plan your route the night before you wish to visit any attraction as Galveston has lots of "don't go through" streets blocked by lakes, canals or other obstacles.

The restaurant list on the right panel is mostly to their meal menu pages. Where some were missing or difficult to get to I linked you to the main restaurant site. The Red Snapper Inn is in Surfside. Go southwest out seawall, over the toll bridge and you will find it just before the high bridge on the right. Pappadeaux has a number of restaurants in Houston. We like the one in The Woodlands on the east side of I-45 about 30 miles north of Houston. Nearby on the same side of the street and across the highway in the huge outdoor mall are numerous other very interesting places to eat. We especially like that Landry's.


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