Grandpa Goes To Galveston

by John D M Myer

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Announcing my first ebook

Grandpa Goes To Galveston

In summer of 2011 we visited Galveston, Texas for the 7th straight year. The last two trips were 2500 mile round-trip drives, in our little blue Prius, from Phoenix, Arizona to Galveston. For those first 5 visits we flew into Houston's Hobby airport where we rented a car for the stay.

The Grandpa Goes To ..... series provides readers with a personal view of wherever we go such as Texas, Cancun and Hawaii. You will probably still need a source of maps and current prices for meals and lodging which I get from the web. See the Galveston button on the menu above for starters.

Tabitha, the cat in the picture at the top of this page, is our inspiraton and companion. She showed up at the farm one day, stayed a week, then vanished when we acquired a trap/cage to take her in to be spayed. Several weeks later she showed up with a kitten in tow. An owl got the kitten, sadly, but Tabitha got fixed and has been with us for several years now.


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