JDMM's Technical Analysis 101

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We offer stock market technical analysis, options, tc2000, and online trading classes.

Announcing TA101 - Technical Analysis

Now you can take a quality introductory course that takes you from theory to trading in 8 sections. You'll learn to read stock charts, select stocks to trade based on patterns and other behavior easily read from a chart.

No media to store or load.

The entire course is taken on the internet. When you purchase the course you are actually buying a one-year subscription to the course and JDMM Trade's newsletters, worth more than the cost of the course alone many times over. Charts are mostly in color. Newsletters will supplement the course providing examples of trades based on the methods presented in the course. They are included as you just don't learn in a few days, you learn by doing and continuing to learn.

One low fee.

Currently the subscriptions are priced at $30 for a password to both the course and the newletters for a year. Renewals will be for a reduced amount for those purchasing the initial offering.

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